Sunday, August 24, 2014

8/24 - a bay boat that can take the oysterbeds

I've said it a million times...a real "bay boat" isn't one with that's 28 foot, and is so glitzy you'd be so afraid to hurt it when running the shallows. But like S.U.V. vehicles, human's have a way of taking a great idea and really screwing it up.

To me, a S.U.V. is still a 1975 Ford Bronco. Boxy, powerful, high off the ground, short wheel base, and ready for mud, sand, and water.

I worked for a man when I was 16 who had this exact one. Orange and White!

He let me drive it to pick up supplies.
I was in LOVE then, and I am still in love NOW.
(can ya tell I like simple, no frills get the J-O-B done?)

But hell.....I also think Lady Ga-Ga is a total JOKE!

Bay boats and alloy plate welded together go hand in hand in my book.
-Float's higher
-Less power needed
-Ready for abuse

Here's a mini - JETTYWOLF.

A 19' Pacific CC with T-top, twins and a trolling motor heading to the Gulf of Mexico area.  Where it can do offshore Grouper, and shallow water Trout and Snook fishing all in the same day.

Twin 70 Yamaha's, (super idea!!!!!!) a live well, a big cooler, a casting deck. Some side rails, and a super tall wind, rain stopping windshield.  Do ya really need more?

I see all these "bay boats" daily at the boat ramp. And  no matter what. I'd have this one, pictured above before any I see daily that cost thousands and thousands more. Like "boat clones", they all start to look a like to me. 

I'd skip the powder coated t-top and console personally...just more maintenance.

I'll take one of these "sweet 19's" any day. Would fit fishing the St. Johns river, the Jetties, and offshore NO PROBLEM!

Just a Jettywolf...FYI.

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