Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/16 - Hey, where's "consistency"?

Had Jeff and crew out today. Went straight to fishing the shrimp boats. Looking to put the guys on a few arm strainers. Always a good way to start the morning, right?

No soon we got there and let out the first giant Mullet half, and we get a all out "freaker". The line comes tight and a spinner shark goes absolute nuts behind the boat. Then, as Jeff reels on it.
300 pound mono snaps.

Well that's what happens when these dudes go crazy flying thru the air and spinning all over the surface.

From here on out not much took place. The small sharks were stealing my massive baits that couldn't eat whole like a big dawg would. Catching only one small sharpnose that may have went 20 pounds.

Then, we get on one more with shoulders. But it just comes un-pinned. While we reel the hook in with no bait left.

We try and try, but it's evident. Something is really off.

So, I bag the shrimp boats and have it timed perfectly so we hit a BIG REDBASS spot on the last of the falling tide.....perfectly. Up in the river across from the USCG station in Mayport.

BIG fresh chunks of Mullet go out in the 26' of water.

CATFISH         CATFISH         CATFISH         CATFISH         CATFISH

play with our baits constantly. NO they don't eat it. They just play with it.

Booooring. So we head back to the jetties and I try the "COSTANZA RULE".
If you're unfamiliar with Seinfeld the TV show, I'll explain...

The rule is; if whatever your doing now is wrong, then the opposite "must be" right.

So, we give up targeting BIG Blacktips and Spinner Sharks. Give up targeting BIG Redbass.
And head to the jetties as the falling tide waines to a stop and starts to turn around, and take my BRAND NEW SHAKESPEARE TIGER RODS and we drop dead shrimp over the side.

Getting one break-off, one 17" Black Drum and a 17" pup Redbass.


I look northward. And there it is. B-I-G RAIN!  So I grab my smarty pants phone and go to my "weather radar app" and see a line from the St. Johns River westward, and a line from the St. Johns River southward.

Needless to say, "we beat feet!" and headed in. Which was a very smart thing to do. Because as I pulled the anchor the wind started at the jetties, after the stillness that proceeded it.
A definite, "here's yer sign!"

When I got the boat backed into her house, that's when it really cut loose. With lightning and pouring rain.


Yep, many times they're talking to you. Ya just gotta listen. and their language is, "we're gonna give Capt Dave a fit today!"

Oh well. Back at it again on tuesday. 

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