Friday, September 19, 2014

9/19 - MSRP? RETAIL? NEVER!!!!!

Jacksonville basically doesn't have squat, when it comes to D-E-A-L-S.
I don't pay MSRP or RETAIL, If I did I couldn't stay in business.



Because as we all know when you go offshore and bottom fish. Y-O-U must use circle hooks.
But many of us HATE them for plain ole "straight lining" aka: "jus' holding your rod and plain ole fishing"

That's why Capt George of the Mayport Princess "party boat" like these hooks for deep sea fishin'.
He told me so! 

A circle YES. But like a circle, NO.

You CAN sort of get away with setting the hook with these. I'd call it a LIFT quickly kinda hook set.
BUT, you are within the LAW....even though like way too many Florida laws. Are about as stupid as the desk jockey's who write them.

If only the FWC had a clue. But we are stuck with them.

SOOOOO, would you like to have some of these hooks? Not at MSRP??

I'll sell YOU (cash on the barrel) 50 for $10.00

For the average Joe, that's practically a life time supply.

Get ready for the fall Grouper season, now. 
October & November is "closer-in" Grouper and Snapper time. (Snapper just for fun, of course) But 

Grouper is open, right???

-See, I don't even keep up with it! So, don't ask me about "offshore" charters. I quit doing that years and years ago.


My Ebay listings at the moment:

Locals pay no shipping. Pick-up at the Jettywolf Ranch. And I end listing. 

(3) Shimano Triton reels:
      FIRST ONE (link) <<<<<<<SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>
      SECOND ONE (link)  <<<<<<<SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>
      THIRD ONE (link)  <<<<<<<SOLD>>>>>>>>>>>

(305) Eagle Claw circle hooks L197 7/0 seaguard finish

(39) 4 oz. Banana-head jigs, heavy Mustad 7/0 hook

(4) Spoons, two heavy weight trolling, and two monster Bunker spoons

Numerous stand-up rods and non-stand-up rods: "Ugly Stiks, STAR, Okuma, Penn."
Combo a few with the reels listed above!!  <<4 used UGLY STIKS SOLD>>
still have more rods, though.

Come on by and see them.
Super deal.....Not even close to MSRP
RODS STARTING AT: $15.00 to "lets make a deal"


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