Tuesday, September 30, 2014

9/30- Jacksonville Fall Bull Redfish

Joined by regulars, Dave & Eric, today.

Had a ball!

Sat thru morning rain till we were all wet. Then, came the breeze.

But to quote Dave, "This is a fisherman's kinda day. Tourists don't fish on real fisherman days."

And he was correct in every way! And it paid off with a big day, and a bounty of 25-35 pound Redbass, and a bunch of Jacks and Ladyfish in between on live finger Mullet on my "Comfy" Redbass spot, especially on the rising tide.

We dried out, and eventually the sun came out.

Good thing, we were never HOT, or SWEATY all day long. For all that complained about the intense heat back in JULY. 

"I told ya'll you should come back in Sept-Oct-Dec-Jan.......at least!

But really, "do ya have the salt?"

It's "SPAWNING TIME"...even on my deck!

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