Saturday, September 6, 2014

9/6 - What the holy hell??????

I was re-watching a ole video I made about tying a "stopper knot" for your float-rig / slip float.
And ran across this "chap" on Youtube.

I wish I had a camera on. Ya'll could have seen my reaction. I laughed out loud and almost fell out of my desk chair!!

I say, "WTF" is he doing?

Is that actually fishing?

Minnow fishing?

Bait fishing?

sitting around in the water, with slicker pants on?

And I thought the Filipino's on "our" jetty rocks used a L-O-N-G pole!!


There's obviously a entire series of this guy doing this, "whatever this is?" I wouldn't call it fishing.....would you?  Funny Shit, huh?


Let me share this with ya'll.
The other day out with the Kready Krew aboard the Jettywolf while we were catching 100 pounder type Blacktips and Spinner Sharks.

I was running out of hooks. For some reason that day. No matter what I did, I could never get my hook back. These dudes were slashing 200-300 lb. test leaders at boatside.

You may see that blue ARC de-hooker pole in my video's and photos. Yep, that's the ticket to getting hooks out of the BIG toothy critters.

I gave up on all circle hooks when doing the shrimp boat sharkin & release fishing. Way to difficult to get the hooks out, even with the ARC dehooker pole.

So, yesterday my new Sharkin hooks arrived!

200 of them!

Yep. ANOTHER SUPER EBAY DEAL, for Dave.  Same place I got the ARC de-hooker pole, for a whopping 30 bucks!  YOU can pay $30 for a stinkin' 20" ARC de-hooker, for Snapper releasing.

Oh, hunting deals is my middle name. I don't pay MSRP for anything. So that means I buy NO significant tackle here in J-ville.

I can't afford too.

Back to the hooks.

Check these super tough perma-steel 10/0 VMC Big Game Hooks, out!

The eye is even "welded shut".

Go look for yourself. You can't get any hook similar to these 10/0's for less than approx $70-$80 bucks a box  of 25! Many times hooks such as these even on Ebay are $25 for ten of them!

My deal, 200 count for $100.


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