Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10/14 - OMG!!!!

Today, the wind was howling. A hard southeast breeze. Very uncommon wind direction for OCTOBER! Huge front coming across the S.E. from the west, with passing Hurricane this week way out in the Atlantic produced some of the largest seas I have seen at the jetties (Our Inlet) in a long time. Especially with the strong falling tide, against the S.E. Winds.

I'll guess the seas at the end of the North Jetty tip was 8 foot, if not taller with an occasional "FOLDER", with white water on top! I had to time it, and shoot across the end of the jetty to reach the north side of the north rocks.  Haven't had to do that in a long time.

Couldn't stay anchored at all. The anchor would get snatched out of the rocks/bottom as the boat lurched up and down from the swell on the North side.

Needless to say. It was one tough day. Live well full of perfect sized live Mullet, and no one was interested, even in the river.

The big Bull Redfish bite was better back in June than it has been this week.'s charter is a calendar marker.
1st day I'm breaking out the good ole "FLOAT-RIGS" and we're heading far up river to drift live shrimp instead of starring at rod tips all day with no action.

THE FLOAT RIG:  aka; "slip floats"

(I use ultra sharp Matzuo's hooks)

TARGET SPECIES:  "Action & bites", I'd be happy with. TROUT? I'd be super happy!

We'll also pitch some "Jig-n-Shrimp" combo meal here and there.
A standard way of fishing the shoreline structure.

So far in my opinion, the Big Bull Redfish "spawn" is a real bust.....
I've seen much better years, that's for sure.

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