Monday, October 27, 2014

10/26 - Great Day!

Sorry no pics....but video is coming. Had a very busy day yesterday. So I couldn't spend hours editing video.


Had Matt, Chuck and Bobby aboard the Jettywolf. AT THE JETTIES!

We caught fish from the minute we got there, till the minute we left out of there.
And one fish in particular Bobby fought for almost two hours.

Yep, he hung himself a JETTY TARPON, on a fairy wand spinning reel and rod, loaded with 20# Suffix Braid, and a 20# Mono leader.

After many spool dumping, smoking runs, lurking deep (70 feet down), the fish eventually got us against the rocks inside the south Jetty, and it worked down the jetty. At the end of the south jetty it made it's best move and dove down in the rocks and finally popped the measly 20# mono leader.

We also caught "pup" Redfish, Huge Croakers, Speckled trout, Yellowmouth Trout, Black Drum, 13" Seabass, Small Blacktip sharks, and of course LOST many a species........SEEING WE WERE LIGHT TACKLE FISHING, SMALL SPINNER REELS AND RODS AND USING JIG-N-SHRIMP COMBO MEALS, MOST OF THE DAY.

While only bottom fishing at the end of the day on the falling tide.

Whoa, was it F-U-N!
(Phone Video)
TACKLE TEST:  Okuma Trio 30 cheap spinner reel, Tough as hell Ugly Stik Inshore rod, 20# Suffix Braid, 20# Mono leader via double Albright special connection, Jighead 3/8ths oz. H&H gold hook.

It was cooool, comfortable, no wind, with a nice tide.
Went to the jetties and NEVER left.
Just the way I like it!

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