Wednesday, October 29, 2014

10/28 & 29th......STAND BY FOR VIDEO FOOTAGE

200- 300 POUNDS OF REDFISH...without hardly breaking a sweat. (except if you're reeling them in)

Stand by for full video "hat cam" footage of 10/28 with Scott and his wife swabbing the deck with Bull Redfish! (working as hard as I can, between fishing, eating dinner, and sleeping to get the edits done)

But on 10/29 it was PHOTO DAY!

Had Chris and Julie aboard the JETTYWOLF, and we caught "beach Bulls" and then went back to the jetties (and even before I used the Jettywolf chum chopper filled with dead Pogies) we still had Bull Redbass on........DEAD SHRIMP on the bottom. Then, when I pressed the Jettywolf's Chum Chopper into action, they caught another handful of 20++ pounders!

YES, I said "dead shrimp"!  Don't leave home without some. I DON'T! And I can prove time and time again, that's all ya need from here on out, till April, for bottom fishing, A-C-T-I-O-N! 

10/29 with Chris and wife Julie:


GO, UGLY STIK!!!!!!!!!!

JETTYWOLF'S CHUM CHOPPER...drawing them in close!


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