Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/14 -November Chill Down; Fishing Mayport Jetties

IT WAS CHILLY......but I'm still seeing TARPON along the rocks. And even hooked one on a jig-n-shrimp combo meal last week at the end of the north jetty.

It's GO-TIME, aboard the Jettywolf. My favorite time of the year. Go; 2.5 miles and come back, 2.5 miles and make a fish fry!

* Redfish, (aka: Redbass)
* Black Drum
* and much more.

NO long boat rides to a distant land. More time with lines in the water!
So, get that skillet ready, chill down the cold beers, and hopefully you'll catch you some fryers. (weather permitting)

All you'll need is a plastic bag with a sandwich or two, a few drinks, a HOODED SWEATSHIRT, a fisherman's best friend, and the willingness to F-I-S-H & have F-U-N, aboard the none other.....the JETTYWOLF.

contact me at:
or just call 8am-8pm eastern time 7 days a week to do a advanced reservation.
(904) 642-9546

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