Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26 - Nastified Thanksgiving ??

Well, it's 4am the day before Thanksgiving 2014, right now. And it's NASTY out there.
Re-scheduling good customer Traveller Bob, hopefully tomorrow. And then, I have 3 guys on Friday.

(SATURDAY IS STILL OPEN.....when the weather is supposed to be the best. But I guess no one wants to fish with good weather?????????)

Speaking of fishing ill-prepared;

GO2MARINE each year about this time has a massive BLOW-OUT Sale on GRUNDENS foul-weather gear (sizes vary)

Personally, there's no better Foul weather gear in my book than good ole GRUNDENS. Simple and oh so tough, nasty weather gear.

Click on LINK to check it out if you'd like:

GUESS, over the next few days, I'll give the ole Float-Rig Fishing a try.
It's gotta be time to catch some Trout at the jetties!!  LAST YEAR: it wasn't till the day after Thanksgiving till I slaughtered them in the Mayport area.....Kinda funny, huh?

And the day after Thanksgiving of 2013 it was 100% GALE FORCE winds in the St. Johns River. So "we hid out". And still caught them.

ALWAYS on the look out for BIG Yellowmouth Trout too.....aka: "weakfish". For the sole reason there's NO REAL LIMIT!  100 per person per day! And they can be like attack dogs when the "specks" are like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Yes, "the other Trout" as I refer to them as. Are not the Glory species. But, the action can be thru the roof on them.  And now, since I'm playing with my "slab spoon" jigging technique. It opens even more doors to finding them in the deeper swifter water they frequent.

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