Friday, November 7, 2014


REMEMBER YOU ASKED "when is the inshore fish biting the best?"
REMEMBER ME TELLING YOU, "I love November..."

I've been in this business a long long time. and 99.99% of everyone on that hot summer vacation with the childrenz, are not coming back to do some real inshore sport fishing when it's at it's prime.
You have to be very "avid" to do so. Just not on vacation!!

So, get your foul weather gear together, a thermos full of coffee, and let's "REALLY GO CATCH SOME FISH!" Avid Anglers. Who know better.

Can't say you weren't informed.
Information & this "reports blog" is essentially the same thing.

AN EXAMPLE OF MID-NOVEMBER:  One guy and ME, as your "ringer"

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