Monday, December 1, 2014

11/30 - A JETTYWOLF MOMENT; Flutter Slab Spoon R&D

Started the morning with Butch T. and family....we were at the Jetties when Butch started to not feel all that well. Butch wasn't a young man, but he was a tough ole guy. So after about 15 Whiting and a big Bull Redbass hooked up and lost.  We went back, just incase Butch wanted to bag the day. He didn't want to quit, and he wanted his son and son-in-law to continue the day.

But they said, "No Way".  The ole man wasn't gonna sit in the truck all day long. So we basically did a 1/2 day.

So afterwards I went to where we were going to head to anyhow later on.

Up in the South "ditch"......the I.C.W. also known as the Ghetto Cruiser Hiway!!!!!
OMG, the traffic.  That's why I hate the I.C.W. on weekends.

But I stuck with it and caught about 20 Trout, dropping my limit in the box, and caught one pup Redbass. Using and doing R&D, with my box of "slab spoons" with FISHBITES, and trying out this Flutter Spoon you see in the video.

FISH FRY at Dave's Ranchero Delux Fish Camp, this week......Mmm, Mmm, Good!

Interested in this unique Fluttering single hook Slab Spoon/Jig??
You can see it "HERE"

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