Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/12 - Kinda like the Jaguars?

Well, finally a nice day.

Too nice, I guess.

The fish only wanna bite when it's 25 knot winds, maybe raining, and cold as hell.

Had James and Marty aboard today. Good fisherman from up north in NJ & Del.

They shocked me because they were so early. When I pulled into the boat ramp parking lot they were there already!  That's a freak thing. Not many of my charters go that way.

I'll skip all the dull details....but there wasn't diddly going on at the jetties. We attempted to float-rig fish, bottom fish, pitch slabs (jigging), then back to K.I.S.S bottom fishing, where by then 6 ounces would not hold bottom, but anchors DO!

I had to leave my anchor out there in the rocks. I made it almost 3-4 years without having to cut one off. But this time it wouldn't budge!



So we went back to the ramp to get a spare out of my truck. At least I'm smart enough to carry a spare.

By this time, we've caught 2 Toadfish & 8 Seabass! Yee haww!

Head up river and it was basically the same, a few dink Trout, a few dink Yellowmouth, fast dying current, and one keeper:

So we came back to the dock and I fed 4 dozen live shrimp to the birds and went home.

Yep, I felt like the Jaguar's owner.

Except, if he looses an anchor no biggy. For me loosing that kind of coin is a royal pain in the wallet.

And not winning  on the fish, for these guys just had me drinking a few more PBR's when I get home.

The Jag's owner probably just buys a bigger boat after each Jag loss.....

Did ya see that thing??
Had footage of it in my last video.

NEXT UP:  Monday at 7am sharp.


Anonymous said...

Ya'know Dave, I remember a day when you left 2 anchors out there and had to get James from B&M to bring one out to the dock! Not that I would wish that on anyone but stuff happens

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

actually, I ran through my stash in my truck box. Problem is none of those anchors were $75 a shot and no one carries them. I have to order and ship the reef & rock anchors I use to hold a 26' boat. It's just a pin in the ass that I can't afford. But that's playing this game...You'd really like the Jettywolf Jim. Ya shouldn't be a stranger!