Friday, January 23, 2015


THE "NEW MOON" IS "OVER", so why the hell is the Tides so damn wacko?
The high rising tide Flooded areas. But to take the cake, the falling tide was un-fishable in the Intra-Coastal waterway in 23' of water because 8 OUNCE sinkers wouldn't hold the bottom!

When 8 ounces sinkers become planers in the current, that's when ......


In the morning with Sergei and his dad visiting from Russia they had at least 20 Speckled Trout, to get (8) keepers up to 19" while float-rig fishing live shrimp and because of the mega flood tide I made it up into a creek where we caught more throw-backs and two keeper Flounder.

Good thing was NO WIND, if we had 20 knots on top of this the day would have gone a whole lot different, thats for sure.

Never went to the Jetties. Didn't hear any great things. I tried to stay where the water temp. was warmer, and in the ICW, it was. Barely.

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