Saturday, February 14, 2015

2/13 - Die hard Jacksonville fishing

Went down river in search of that Sheepshead I lost in my last video, last week. I know there's a monster or two on this rock pile under water. But there was a distinct difference between today and last Saturday's low tide. Last week it was low tide in the late afternoon and today it was low tide in the COLD morning.

Hey, but I tried. Instead we got into all the Yellowmouth Trout you'd want, and loads of Speckled Trout that of course were all too small.

Then after two spots down river we came back and fished the bridge for a few more Specks, with the largest caught by Hunter at 18-1/2 inches. Which is the Norm usually at this spot when all is right.

I need to go back and check the Jetties again and see if the BIG Trout ever arrived. I sort of gave up, lately because the jetties is a lot of work to fish, and if there's none or just a few small ones. It's actually not worth fishing for them out there.

But the way the Trout have been size wise, I'm about to give up totally and just bottom fish or throw jigs like we did this morning.

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