Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/16 - Mayport Jetty; "slab spoon" fishing aboard the Jettywolf

Let's see.......where to begin?  This past Friday we had all the small Trout one could stand to catch. And 1st spot was all the Yellowmouth Trout (weakfish)  we ever needed on jigs-n-shrimp.

So naturally, Brian and I head to that area. Tide's falling and all is looking good. It's about 30 degrees warmer than it was on Friday, today. So that's a plus.

We fish.....we float-rig fish. We pitch jigs and shrimp. We bottom fish with sinkers. All for 3 Yellowmouth Trout that were around 14 inches...picked up a few small Specks, and then went all over looking for heavy action elsewhere.......No can find!

Then we went to the Jetties. North Jetty first, HUGE SWELL. Then settled in on this spot where I proceeded to wack'em and stack'em. While Brian fished hard but obviously could never feel the bite, or "something"?

Frustration was running high. So I was EXTRA EXCITED to actually see my fish friends.

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