Wednesday, February 25, 2015


I can't go to boat shows any longer. I used too. Because it was so entertaining. Not the boats, but to people watch really.

When I go to boat shows, I pick one to "inspect" and the 1st thing I do is go straight to the bow. Why? "Anchor storage", it's my pet peeve. When a builder takes it upon him or herself to dictate what kind and size anchor I must carry.
Well, that pisses me off!
Don't they know that the boat may fish an area where anchoring is a science? Possibly, a 8 pound Fluke style anchor maybe all wrong, or not close enough, to what is needed.
BUT...people, especially 1st time boat owners don't know what to even look for. This is just one of a multitude of items that'll need to be looked at, when choosing from all those "brands & styles" out there.....It's as if they (the boat buying public) could use a "Boat Buying Concierge service". That has their interest in mind, unlike the sales person.
Instead of, "Honey, I like the blue one, it's pretty...."
"Wow, baby look at those curvy lines, jus' like you"
The thoughts should stick to:
- How
Here's an example:
Massive "any anchor" style or size storage, and enough room for even TWO, of the anchors that work best for my applications:
Ya got that right. 

"The Jettywolf" - designed for Fishing the Mayport Jetties & St. Johns River and Coastal waters 12 months a year 7 days a week.
400' of anchor line, 2- 18# Reef/Rock anchors w/ varying size chain and lengths, and even a 
piling / dock hook.

"Build your boat, don't just Buy someone elses idea's"

BOOK YOUR CHARTER ON A "CHARTER BOAT"....Fit for the whole family, a few die-hards, or even a river cruise. (Sea Scatterings/Burials at sea up to 6 persons.)


900 H DAIWA SEALINE "work horse" all aluminum Shark reel: 
like new, tricked out with all new greased carbon fiber drag washers and custom made metal washers by Alan Tani "master reel repair & tweeker" in California ( is his reel forum) 
over original Daiwa drag washers, Alan's Daiwa washer kit had the drag go from 20 to 32 pounds max.
Alan Tani Power handle, loaded with 60# Stren Hi-Vis yellow mono, fished maybe once ;last year. Line is still good to go. Front reel brace, Reel clamp, and Daiwa reel cover.
Perfect beach, boat or Pier sharkin Reel ready to go.
$170.00 firm, because that's what I have in it.

Accept PayPal payments, Visa/MC, Discover.
Local pick up Jacksonville Fl.
or add $15 for priority Mail shipping.

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