Sunday, April 26, 2015

4/26 - Changing it up......

Yesterday was "hang up the float rig day", time to pursue the non-keepable. But then again, the pursuit of the more powerful.

Had Len Gieger and his father-in-law aboard the JETTYWOLF in the hard west winds today. Using cut ladyfish that were caught yesterday and kept chilled on ice for today. It's also another time of year called "FREE bait". I love that.....B&M bait & tackle probably doesn't? Oh well, I'll just buy more bags of pork cracklin's in the morning.

So we hit the river and weren't out there very long when, we hooked up.

Well, three hook ups and two actually made "into" the boat. each estimated at 40-45 pounds, because this time of year a 30 lb. Boga-Grip doesn't do any good. (always wanted a 60 pound Boga, I'll have to check Ebay!!)

Afterwards we went and pitched "slab spoons and shrimp" for 20 hooked up Ladyfish, maybe 5 got to the net, just for the fun of it.
At Whiteshell rocks and the North jetty before calling it a day of good fish catching.

VIDEO footage coming.....

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