Thursday, May 14, 2015

5/11 & 12 - River Channel, deep fishing & Jetty Slab Spoonin

Sunrise at boat ramp

Caught a nice "flattie at the dock waiting on customer, with a 1/2 oz Crippled Herring Jig.

42 pound Redfish for Richard, first thing. Then, the Sharks found us!

Richard caught this weird fish in the river. It's large! And after some research it's a Oceanic Puffer fish. Never seen on in the river ever before.

After many a bite, lost tackle, bit leaders, lost fish in the river we went to the inlet and he caught this 28 inch Redfish along the rocks.  Not huge amounts of fish to the boat. But loads of action.  The Sharks have really shown up on the Bull Redfish spot. That was 1/2 the reason. Then the wind blew really bad by 11am, which made everything difficult.

The next day, alot less winds, much nicer and out of at least 8 hook-ups in the river between Bull Redfish and Sharks we got ZERO to the boat, and even had a broken levelwind on a reel. The hook-up's were so intense that I brought the intermediate Sharkin' gear, added 400# mono leaders, and would you believe then nothing would bite those baits?????  What the hell....and the bites that we did get on the big gear, the "whatever" wouldn't really commit, 100%. They'd pick the baits up and then drop them.

Bait of choice was large chunks of Ladyfish. And we even tried jumbo dead shrimp.

We gave up......and went to the jetties and jigged the rocks with a Slab spoons and Nick caught this 33" Redfish and it kicked his butt, really bad.

Getting after targeting these BIG fish isn't always so easy.

As I said about the Bull Redfish, the longer the spring / Summer presses on the harder it can get. Soon enough we'll be dealing with huge stingrays on the bottom, let alone Sharks eating our Bull Redfish.


So......I believe I'll concentrate on lighter tackle fishing, and give that Heavy Duty deep river channel fishing a break for awhile.

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