Saturday, June 20, 2015

16/19 & 20 - HOT & SLOW

Had 4 guys out on Friday the 19th for Sharkin behind the shrimp boats and it was slow...although we had a near 100 pounder Blacktip another Blacktip that was smaller and then a few smaller Sharpnoses.

The action was fast as we had the near 100 pounder with in seconds of dropping a bait out.

But they wanted Redfish, so we went to the jetties with live pogies and no one really was into anything except a suicidal fish.  This time of year you have to be up and fishing. Actively fishing.
In the summer NOTHING comes easy!

We had one run and that was it, so we came in.

Saturday, 2 guys from the same wedding party group. Wanted just Redfish. So we ran up river tried two spots without a bite. Third spot, one half assed run on a bait and that was it. But I should of just went to spot number 3 first. But they wanted to go where they heard there was a bite.  Against my better judgement I followed along.

Lesson learned I'm the guide, I go where my GUT tells me!

Dropped off Saturday's guys to head to the wedding. And went to the jetties by myself. I wanted to JIG. I wanted to play with my JIGS.

Well, I must have caught 20 Jacks. One was ate by a shark. One Croaker, Two Ladyfish, and hooked up a Shark in 75 feet of water on my new Daiwa Ryoga reel and man did I have a tussle.

I lost many a jig that I had "coverted to" a swinging hook. BUT vertical jigging does work.
You just can't pick your species.

Tarpon were everywhere at the jetties inside the south in the 75 foot hole. I had hopes of "jigging" one of those up. Now that would make my Jigs Famous!

Never saw what kind of shark it was, that ate my jig. The damn thing lurked down on the bottom for what seemed like forever, so I had to ease it up. I got it up and behind the boat and that's when my measly 25 pound leader broke.  But it was a big shark around 5 foot long.

The Daiwa Ryoga handled it!

It's a small reel. But a MIGHTY ONE!

Sooooooooooo......moral of the story.
Go with the flow.

Its summer in Jax. Not summer somewhere else.

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