Saturday, June 13, 2015

6/13 - Always thinking.....

-Small pliers (split ring pliers)
-Chromed 3/4 Slab spoon
-Jettywolf #5 'open eye' rolling swivel
- 3/0 SS Eagle Claw 'trot-line' hook
-Soft glow bead
-Super glue
-Small patch of FISHBITES applied to hook before fishing.

The St. Johns River is deep, swift and murky. Active fishing is way more fun than staring at your rod tip while waiting on a bite.  So, I like to "slab spoon" best at the Jetties during a rising tide of clean clear green water.

So far caught:
Yellowmouth Trout (weakfish)
Speckled Trout

Best over all slab spoon weight:  5/8ths ounce. But I carry a assortment from 5/8ths, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8ths,1, 1-1/8th, 1-3/8ths and 2 ounce.  To fit all current conditions.

I'd MUCH rather vertical jig, or flutter one down the jetty rocks or over hard bottom, then cast out a bottom rig and stand there waiting.

Like Float-rig fishing. It's an active fishing.  And ""Active"", is the key word!

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