Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MINI OPEN EYE SWIVELS #5 & #7 sizes.


Not found anywhere

No more need for split rings

For use in front of spoons, rigs, jigs, and small lures

I have went far and wide to get these for my personal use. Then, decided maybe other people despise "split rings".

I wanted less terminal tackle, less bulk, and a EZ squeeze-on small rolling swivel. So I went and had these made.

I am offering them to the public via Ebay.  20 to a pak, pick your size, #5 or #7 or both.
Just $8.00 and free shipping in the USA.
#5 is 30#
#7 is 60# rated.

I've found all kinds of uses for them. I really like the fact that I can easily pinch these on to make up all kinds of different rigs out of my "SLAB SPOONS", that I use. Which has practically taken over from the use of a 1/4-3/8-1/2 ounce lead headed jig.  I just don't use jigs much any longer....

My Slab spoons, use a pinched on single "Siwash hook" already.  If you'd like to order some Slab Spoons, I can make them to order for you.  (I can make you 50 for $50.00 unpainted no hooks, on a order basis)

I use the 5/8th's ounce the most.

Add a single Siwash hook and a piece of FISHBITES, and you have a "everything catcher", this time of year.

From Croakers to Trout and everything in between. You can even pin a Shrimp  to the siwash hook and have a flashy, vibrating , dead bait "presentation".

That's way better in deep swift water than any lead headed jig.

I'm always in search of a fishing technique and tackle to make it easier for my charter customers to enjoy fishing our challenging area (aka: Mayport Jetties) without the need for "super skills". All the while, I find it a fun technique also, as I perfect the tackle and tune and tweak it to better suit different conditions and seasons.

Here's a use of the Open Eye swivels to make a "swinging hook" for less snagging when vertically fishing over structure.

(added 12mm soft glow bead to hook for added appeal in deep water)

"SIMILAR" to butterfly jigging but doing it inshore around structure. Replacing a bottom rig and dead bait, to only attract the "AGGRESIVE" fish in the area and not feed every bait stealer around.

They have already worked on Trout and over sized Redfish in the river as well as the Mayport Jetties.

Here's a few other 'swing hook' slabs where I added in the OPEN EYE SWIVELS, to make a EZ swinging hook.

So, as you can see. The OPEN EYE swivels have many uses.

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