Sunday, July 12, 2015

7/11 - St. Johns River, Monster Shark! "A Jettywolf Moment"

Not much going on inshore.....having to head to the close reefs from here on out until that 75 degree water goes away at the Jetties. Y-E-S, it's July. Time for all kinds of wacky crap to happen, and it did. Cold water welled up on the beach. Water temp should be 83 and it was till a week ago.

It's summer folks. Don't ask for "pie in the sky". Go with the'll get you a long way.

I have my OFFSHORE Sharkin tackle rigged and so ready. While we mess around "jigging", pitching to Cuda's, I MUST put out the B-I-G Sharkin tackle. Just in case.



Here's what I'd like to do; 

Catch anything large like a Big Whiting, Croaker, or even better yet a few of those silver Mullet I saw running by my boat at the Jetties that were 12-14" long. Take them up into this same spot, put out the HD gear......Unlimited class rod and the Avet 2-speed 50's with 100# braid on them with a topper of 100# mono connected to a 400# wind on leader. During the strongest part of the time, when they bite. Use a breakaway giant 20 oz. sinker and see really how large are some of these sharks in the river.......I bet I wouldn't even get bit. Because thse S.O.B's are smart enough to always hit the lightest tackle, smallest hook and run from one side of the river to the other with the 4 knot current at their tail. Would be interesting to spend the day doing that. They do it up in Fernandina, and ought to see ahat lurks up in that Shark hole inside the rocks. If you have the "nads" and the patience, I'll bring the umbrella, and the 18/0 forged circle hooks via Lindgren-Pittman. And the camera's of course. We caught one one day, same tackle, but I believe there's much larger out there eating 30 pound Redbass for Lunch.


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