Monday, August 10, 2015


TODAY:  8/10  this morning at the Mayport Boat Ramp got my ass handed to me fishing my waterbug vertical jigs by two enormous Flounder!  They ripped me around the dock pilings and I couldn't even stop them.......COST:  $10 in jigs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                    

Later:  On Charter, 4 for 9 on ass handing Blacktip sharks at the Jetties. Wanted so bad to try for Flounder since they are out there folks, but we had no bait....No mullet around, and no pogies around either. Suck ass bazzaro world strikes again!  Two days ago all you wanted on Pogies just off the North jetty. Today?

So it was sharkin for us, after catching a few Whiting on the south jetty.

W-O-W, what tackle ruiners, testers and arm stretchers these blacktips were as the tide pushed hard eastward. Fun? YES!

For a dad and his 14 year old boy that was a skinny kid. But he gained my respect and never once screamed "UNCLE!!!!!"

I've had Adults who couldn't handle these jetty sharks.

But those Flounder at the dock.....they left me dazed. I had them thoroughly hooked, and fought them for a moment and then they went for the pilings and there was zero I could do. I'd estimate each one was 5 pounds or better.

The tiny "waterbug jigs" were irresistible to them.

SHARKIN-AZZ HANDING-Video on it's way....hopefully this week I can get it done.

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