Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9/30 - FG or GT knot fascination or obsession??

If you pay attention here at all, you know I did a video about the strongest Mono to braid connection there is and it's called the FG or sometimes the GT knot.

Where as you're making a "chinese finger trap" with the braid around the mono.

YES, it can be done with out a "tool"......but come on we need to make this FUN, right?

You may have even watched my video on the DaiichiSeiko knot assist tool 2.0

But in the mean time, never satisfied and curious as all hell, I bought another tool to make the same exact knot. Just a bit different.

And here it is "above".  Did I bite off more than I can chew?  No not really, this video really helped as I couldn't really read the Japanese direction the Boiling Tackle Weaver 55 tool came with and for days hunted up this video and now finally successful.

The point is or the question I'm asking is, "Would any of you (my blog readers or Youtube subscribers) ever attempt to learn this knot and make the investment in these "helper tools"?

Not all that interested? Or what you do now satisfies your needs? Too confusing? Takes too much time to learn?  You're not that "deep" into fishing knowledge?

Well folks, I'M DEEP.  It's all I do. That's the reason I'm the fishing guide and your not, I guess. I see knots like this that directly apply to me and "I have to know them."  Am I cheating a bit?  Yeah sure I am. Because I love gadgets, first off. And those Japanese are so damn Gadget Proficient, I find it amazing.  

By you being here, and by watching this video or at least 5 seconds of it, satisfies me.  WHY?

Because I have opened your eyes to yet one more thing you won't get on some local forum, or radio talk show.  

You've been EXPOSED.

And also know a little more about what makes the JETTYWOLF tick..... 

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