Thursday, October 15, 2015

10/15 - Slower & Windier. RIP Jetty anchor # 103

Momma Heng broke the ice with the slow and steady technique today up on the bow of the boat.

Marc, twice while "vertical" jigging with a 1-1/2 oz. Glow jig hung into metal eating sharks, that smoked his jig........Yes, the Blacktips are still around out there and will eat a jig!

Then Marc hangs something else on the jig!
The fight was different this time.

W-T-H, is that?

Marc snagged a Turtle with a Vertical jig!

Just tired and a bit pissed off, it went back no worse for the wear.

Momma Heng, does it again!  Thank goodness, because the action was quite slow.

Dad hung a whopper......a whopper 6' Nurse Shark that broke off at boat side.

And see where I was at the rocks? Well, I left my 5th anchor right there as of today. Yep, and that was my "spare".  So that's two for me in 2015 . I guess I won't be anchoring up in the deep with big current for the next 5 days.

Only anchor I have left is a small 12 pounder that won't hold me in more than 20 feet of water.

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