Saturday, October 17, 2015

10/17 - While it blew....

While it blew pretty good out at the Jetties and in the river. My crew and I went back up in Mill Cove.

We fished the shallows, and because the tide seemed to take forever to flood into the "cove", I took a 26' boat with 4 of us into where most 26' boats don't belong...."Because I can".  The Jettywolf , being made of plate alloy isn't the same as all those glass boats. She floats high and light.  We started casting our rattlin' corks and jigs with live shrimp where m sounder flashed 2 feet of zero. Yeah, it was that shallow!

First off we caugh several "pup" Redfish, a few small Trout and then a decent 4 pound Black Drum. A "targeted species for sure".

A PERFECT eater size! And gave a nice tussle on the light spin tackle.  We moved around and had more pup Redfish and small Speckled Trout, as the tide slowly flooded in.

We actually mixed it up. Between live shrimp under the corks and dead shrimp. Doesn't really seem to matter much.

But then we moved on out of the super shallows and fished the so called channel under the low span of the Dames Point bridge, that goes over the cove.  We broke out the Float-rigs and used the live shrimp in 13 feet of water.

Loads of small Speckled Trout, and foot long to about 14" Sand Trout.

As you can see where we were it was windless and even hot! Totally different ball game then out at the inlet for sure. Couldn't believe the difference, when we pulled up at the boat ramp at the end of the day.

Caught lots of fish, many short. But it was fun, and comfortable for my crew. I was told, that this crew wouldn't have taken getting seasick very well.

I was left with a box of fish, so I cleaned them up and see a fish fry coming soon, next week at the Jettywolf's house.

"Small Craft Advisory"
20-25 knots, gusts to gale force is the forecast.
I have a crew of just two......So guess where we're going?
Hiding in Mill Cove!! 

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