Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10/20 - BLOWIN' again!!

W-I-N-D...normally the worst enemy of all Anglers.  And today was no exception.

BUT we prevailed.  It took all day to get right. But Dennis and I ended up having a real Blast.

Shallow water
Snap-on Lemon drop floats
1/8th oz. jig head
Live or dead shrimp

..........40 to 50 fish later (many just undersized) we had ACTION and that's all that counted.

Trout, to grow up for next year.

Trout to 3 pounds, Drum to 5, and Reds to 23".

WIND BURNT, versus sun burnt again today and it was well worth it. The water was so stirred up, and muddy from all the wind blowing over the shallows (3-4 feet max) that it'll take a week to just clear up if the winds lay.

YES, I see a Bob's Machine Shop "jack plate" in my future soon, as I have the best and largest bay boat out there, in my opinion and of those that fish aboard the Jettywolf.

At one point during the day, I drove up and the boat settled on a oyster shell bar, "crunching shells" under the boat as the boat sat on the bottom, with motor tilted up.  Now thats a bay boat!
NOT worried about my gel-coat!

We fished THAT shallow!! 

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