Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10/27 - Jax Climate Change:

I have a saying...."If it's cold and blowin over the Fla./Georgia Game weekend. (I'm in heaven) It's gonna be a good winter season,"

Why do I say that?

Because when it "USED TOO", be cold and blowing by this up coming weekend. We always had a great winter fishing season. At least the "kick off" to the fall season was good.

If we're "sweating" on Halloween. It's not a good thing!

I remember when we had years that by now, we'd have bone chilling mornings. Could be cold (40) and crisp, and I'd still be in "shorts mode". But with the Grundens foul weather suit on. And I remember those charters, and they were great!

Alot of my career has to do with the climate. I'm like a Farmer. But my "crop" is the general public who wants to fish, and the fish in the water that I hope are easy to catch!

If I had a scanner I could fill this blog with photo after photo of those October days. Because that was before the "smart phones and digital age". But rest assured I cherish each and every hard copy photo I have, and love looking through them every couple years, especially with family and friends.

Yep, I've been doing this for awhile.

I kinda doubt that over Halloween it'll be 40 degrees in the morning. When condensation hovers over the surface of the water (water fog). But when it does happen.


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