Friday, October 30, 2015

10/29 - Another 10

From the river to the Mayport Jetties. The fish of the week is the week is the 25 pound Redbass.
And where I was fishing today all ya really needed was some dead shrimp......catch a Croaker. Cut the Croaker into chuncks, and BAM...Your on!

And at times all it took was a piece of shrimp!

Same deal as last year, this time. About the only consistent thing I can say that goes on around here.

Makes for great days. Everyone is happy. (Even though it would be better if at the same time we had a chance at a 25 INCHER, too)  But the take home fish are giant Croakers, Whiting, Yellowmouth Trout, usually. No one wanted these fish today, so I cleaned them up and had them all fried up in Zaterains fish fry mix by 3pm!

See Greg here.....he was the camera man on Jose Wejebe's TV Fishing show, "The Spanish Fly".

This here was "almost" a TRIPLE-HEADER!

Probably from here on out, I'll ween off these Redbass trips and work on Float-rig fishing and jig fishing, in pursuit of the "keeper" Redbass, Black Drum and TROUT!

Unless, I get a part boat kinda trip (4 persons) and then I'm sort of forced to just bottom fish and keep it simple.

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