Wednesday, November 4, 2015

10/4 - Tackle Junkie strikes again


Two rod reviews via Youtube Video on my channel (not yet subscribed? Well ya need too!) 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm facinated with catching fish on a small piece of metal, aka: Micro jig.  And I've been in "AWE" of the Daiwa Ryoga series of reels since the first one.

So, of course this leads to a progression.  Wanting to try out the real deal when it comes to quality jigging tackle, not found all that easily in the USA, for some unknown reason.  No trade agreements of something? 

So, the next video will educate you on The WIKI - Fire Ocean jigging rod in a unbelievable, xtra,xtra,xtra, ULTRA light action.

Here's a clip from the manufacture:

The jigging rod will be paired up with this reel:
Daiwa Ryoga 10/16 - 12 bearing on every friction point makes it utterly the smoothest reels I have ever held in my hand.


NEXT is a rod that for the price just blew me away!  The Wright & Mcgill S-curve 8' Tony Roach, bottom bouncer walleye rod.  Ya say Walleye rod for a saltwater guide?  Yep, but it has all the attributes I wanted in a long distance casting rod. Supple tip, with middle of the rod back bone, and 8 feet long rated up to 2 ounces. My use will be casting large trout plugs............. real far!

Yes, Speckled Sea Trout. My favorite fish of all.

Plus, the finer details of this rod (for the price) is utterly amazing!  It has a long rear grip that's like a Golf club grip. Super tactile. That soft touch black reel seat material that's again, a step UP, way UP.  And killer guides that have no ceramic at all, and look tuff as nails. 
-this photo does this rod zero justice

The reason the Video has to wait, is because I'm waiting on this:

THE DAIWA SHRAPNEL C300H.  Part of the Ryoga series of Ultimate baitcasters, this one can hold a lot of 50 pound plus braided line. Has all the attributes of a smaller Ryoga. But is a super caster, of large lures.  "Just what I have planned for it."

Again, you don't even realize what you're missing till you fish these Ryoga reels, but I at least should pass on the knowledge, so you know what's out there for if and when you become a "TACKLE JUNKIE".  I have personally tested out them all and tested them against some of the best, such as a Tatula, a Curado, a Lexa's. Sure they may not be of the same grade. But when you can cast effortlessly and almost into the direct wind with a 4" diving plug......I'm blown away! 

Here's about all you'll find on Youtube showing the Daiwa Ryoga Shrapnel 300:

So stay tuned. I have a feeling to do this review, or as I like to call them, A Show-N-Tell. This could take awhile. I need to get it all done before Thanksgiving, because of course thats a huge fishing holiday. For all the people that KNOW, it's too hot to go in July August and Sept.

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