Tuesday, December 22, 2015

12/22 - Can't believe I've never seen him!

Hey Folks. This is "Jetty" the Mayport Deer. The one and only, that is constantly spotted from A1A North, he lives on the base and meanders thru the marsh.

This photo was taken just south of the back gate to the Navy base, where they are FINALLY lengthening the damn turn lane for all the Navy people (I'm being sooooo nice , here) to get in the base and stop clogging the damn road!!!

The Little Jetties Park is just on the other side of the street......the "Redneck Riviera", you know, where people camp in tents with their heads 10 feet off the dang pavement?  Yeah, that side of the street!  

I'm posting this because as much as I go back and forth on that road, I've never seen him. (guess thats because I'm a A rated driver and my entire livelihood is usually in tow, behind my truck)

People are concerned that Jetty is "feeling his Seaoats". And YES, we all need to be aware early in the mornings and late in the night that "he's out there".

Early in the morning "ON WEEKENDS"...because on weekdays the damn Navy traffic is so slow and thick, you won't be going over 2 miles and hour anyhow!!  That gate should be shut down in my opinion to ONLY large truck traffic, but thats me hating everything about the base. So, I'll keep my opinions on my blog to myself.

Long live Jetty, Mayport's only Buck.

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Unknown said...

Saw Jetty once last October crossing the water across the small bridge before Mayport. It was cool to see, now I know his name. - JackJax (Jude)