Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12/27 & 28th: UN-seasonably, UN-seasonal...

Speaking personally. Not for a single other soul. This really sux!  I'm sweating at 6am in December while putting the boat in the water because I mistakenly wore a LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT!

Sunday and Monday:

Sunday had us at the Jetties float-rig fishing and it was rough and my crew could barely stand it. We caught I believe maybe 5 Trout, and it really wasn't worth sitting anchored in it. And I knew Monday's crew certainly wouldn't handle that kinda of slop, so we never even bothered.

So Sunday we ran way up river, after trying numerous other places at the jetties that were dead.
Yep, more Trout but all small ones. But the Jig-N-Shrimp combo meal seemed to be the ticket.
With two kicker fish, a 2 pound and a 8 pound Sheepshead off a underwater rockpile.

After Sunday, I could tell Monday was doomed......all day we had a super flood tide with a HOT S.E. wind blowing pretty hard. So Monday ended up being a super Flood tide with HOT air blowing even harder from the due south.

Due SOUTH??????

In December we should have NW, N, and NE winds.....cold winds too. Not hot south winds.
Monday turned out to be a complete disaster. Bait stealers is all my 3 person crew could connect with if they could even get a shrimp to stay on the bottom for more than 30 seconds. It was unbelievable!
Jig and shrimp is what we fished from Mayport to Mill Cove to Mayport again.

When it's bad, it was actually more like horrible. The weather reports said winds 8 kts as we sat near the little jetties area and the winds (south) were blowing more like 20 knots plus. Go figure?

Rescheduled Tuesday (today), because I know one of my crew members very well . and there's no way I was risking taking him in this, with this lack of bite. So it turns out as usual, he can't go till the end of January!  Well maybe by then it won't be 85 degrees with a south 20 knot wind!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
The forecast is for a wind shift and temp shift.
And fishing the crowds....AGAIN.

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JW said...

I had similar results Sunday. Got beat up by the wind and boat traffic for only 2 sheepshead. One was a 6 pound, so it's good to know the bigger ones are starting to show up.