Saturday, January 16, 2016

1/16 - Patterns have obviously changed, Weakfish too.

Had John & his son Chase aboard today, from Georgia. We hit it really early and the tide ran forever, with a low tide at 7am at the jetties we had current till damn near 10am!

There's three kinds of Trout fishing days around here.
1. Not a lot of fish, but the ones caught were all big Gators.
2. Numerous Trout, but not any with Gator status.
3. Worked your ass off, "Is there actually Trout around here?" because you never caught any.

Today was a number 2.

What I mean by the title of this report is that it's now two winters at least and the Jetty Trout seem to be scarce. Compared to years past.  Being a winter of not really any cold weather, it maybe that there's been a shift. I am getting more in the river, but less at the jetties.

The Standard rule if there is one for me has always been;

Trout further from the inlets in the summer, and closer to inlets in the winter. Don't really feel that I'd get an argument with that statement. So, when you don't really have a winter?  Well, that's my theory.

The big Bull Redbass seem to really thin out years ago by the 2nd week in November, leaving a few here and there in the river. Well,  I believe last month people were still catching them like it was the end of October.

The "Yellowmpouth Trout", aka: real name "Weakfish". Back when Speckled Trout were closed in Feb. That's all we could put in the cooler during Feb.  And we'd catch 2 to 4 pounders no problem at the jetties. Float-rig, Jig-n-shrimp, bottom fishing. It didn't matter.

Now and the last few years, these fish all but have about vanished.....And not a soul even mentions it.
They were a steady, main stay at the jetties not only in Feb. But all winter right thru Spring.

5 Pounders and up! My largest was a 7.5 pounder that ate a MirrOlure 5200MR in shocking Fluorescent Yellow with a Fluorescent red head.  I thought the fish was a 30 inch Redfish the way it fought.

Boy, do I miss those days. The Good ole days?

TODAY 1/16 we worked hard for any Jetty Trout, real hard. All the while I never saw a single boat around us....."All sheepshead fishing" as usual, even catch a fish!  We had a 22" Red, and a Sheepshead as bonus fish today along with our hard earned jetty Specks. And NOT a single Weakfish.

Over all today's catch was still very good.

15 Speckled Trout to 19".  2 - 3 pound Sheepshead, a 14" Flounder, a Croaker worth keeping, a 22" Redfish...and I'm pleased to say not a single Pinfish or 4" Mangrove Snapper.

I could almost used a larger fish box!

MID-DAY NET FULL...had to pull trout and give a count.

I can tell ya it took me over a hour to clean all we had.  Didn't go nuts with photos or video today. Just didn't have it in me.

But, as it looked like rain at 1:30pm we packed it in and headed back. All I had my crew do today was Float-rig fish. It's all we needed to do!

But still, things still aren't the way they used to be, which has me pining for the "ole days".