Sunday, January 3, 2016

1/3 - Cold arrived nice and WET like:

Friday.....beautiful morning, the first hour or two.  Then rained all day long on and off. Jetty fished bottom fishing. Almost zero going on. With Boyd and his girl friend Debbie. She was a serious "super trooper". My kinda gal too. Never complained about the weather and just fished hard all day long.

One huge Croaker, a few large Whiting, and a large Pigfish, and a 3 foot nurse shark. That was it. The whole falling tide, and tide change.

Rained on us the whole time.  Up in the river next. Could hardly give a bait away the rest of the day.
By days end it was freezing cold, and really WET.

Saturday,  The boys from Glousta'. No rain. but CCCCCold.  TROUT on one spot, and a ton of bait thieves in the 68-69 degree batch tube warm water , for this time of year.

With on Cold day per month since November, it's not like the water temp is down. The water Temp is HIGH for now about 8 degrees HIGHER than it should be. And thats why the bait stealers are so ravenous.   Can't get to the Trout for all the bait stealers between us and them.

But we had about 5 nice Trout on Saturday:

And every where else we picked and poked around catching a bunch of small ones. It's tough for anything with all this weather swings. Hot, then cold, then cold and rain. Typical late Dec. & early Jan????  NO not really.

Sunday, rain all morning. Cancelled at the boat ramp. Had three guys in from Pa. for the Tax Slayer Bowl game and fishing in the rain was not what they were prepared for. And I'm sure it would have been a tough day to catch anything, any how.

So there ya have it. My New years weekend.


I float-rig fish this time of year for "ALL SPECIES"...but it targets primarily Trout.

I jig fish with live shrimp. It also catches it all, not a particular species.

I bottom fish the jetties usually with jumbo dead shrimp, and it doesn't target any particular species, it catches it all.

Your day is one out of 365....remember that.  It's just fishing. Not a trip to the fish market or grocery store where we just pick out the species you want.  This is NE Florida, that's how it rolls, this time of year.

Already had a call this week for Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna fishing....."I said "WHAT KINDA FISHING??"  I thought it was a crank caller.  Someone didn't have a clue of where I'm at or what I do.

Already had a call for going Dolphin fishing "Mahi Mahi"....Another caller who had no clue where he's calling or who he's calling.

Call, after checking these reports, visiting my website, and ask to "Go fishing".  Believe me, I'll do my best to have us catching, INSHORE SALTWATER SPECIES OF FISH, in NE Florida.  Not offshore, not Gulf Stream, not Bluewater Trolling.  Just inshore light tackle fishing, where it's NO LONG BOAT RIDE, which means; "Fish more Ride Less."

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