Friday, February 26, 2016

2/26 - it's not how ya start but how ya finish

whoa, a real slow start today with the rising high tide this morning. Basically "toured" ourselves around till the tide started to to turn, with no action in some of the usual places I'd go to throw lures all day long.

Those lures being mostly the Egret Baits - Vudu Mullet in 4.5" and 3.5" sinking models

Can I just say, "This bait is one of the hottest baits to hit the deck of the Jettywolf since the DOA shrimp....but even better sometimes."

You say..."But why Dave?" 
My answer is simple......because it works, and works easy. Any one with some simple fishing sense at all can work this lure the way I like to work it. And believe it or not, it's not by "incessantly" casting it!  But, simply doing the "twitch". While anchored in current on a good spot with hard structure or bottom, all ya gotta do is cast it out, let it sink (Be it the heavier 4.5" or the 3.5" bait) hit the bottom and twitch the rod tip and turn the handle of the reel once!  The bait does all the work!!!!

Yes, it's so simple. The Egret Vudu Mullet can make a lure chucker out of about anyone with any fishing sense.

"Dave, you sound as if it's too good to be true", (you might say). Well let me tell you, thats how I like to fish many a lure. constant casting can get tiresome and boring.

I'm "usually" in charge of anchoring my boat. And I know where we should be anchored. If not the first time, at least by the 2nd try. So positioning is half the battle. Get it right and you're GOLDEN!

As we did today. I had for the "many'ith time" Dennis the tournament Bass fisherman aboard the Jettywolf. Just the words "fishing lures" perks up Dennis' ears. Although he is now a saltwater fisherman, he is so open to new ideas and learning new things. He's mastered using the float-rig. He did that by the end of our first charter a year or two ago. And with huge trout under his belt, that day. We've done alot of fishing styles. Popping corks in Mill Cove. Got that. Jigging the slab spoons. He got that! There's not a lot of angling learning curve for Dennis. He knows the program. 

But even he will admit and did may times today, "Damn, all I was doing was twitching this lure behind the boat and whammo!" And this comes from a guy who loves to cast his lures, cast them fast and cast them long distances.
Largest Trout today actually came off a 1/4 oz. DOA Shrimp, cast into all that wind! 

So, I'm so happy to have all my winter and spring baits and techniques covered and "filled in".
*There's Float-rig fishing live shrimp
*Then in the deep, there's slab spoon/vertical jig w/ a patch of FISHBITES attached to seal the deal.
*And now when a live shrimp just isn't working (or getting eaten by thieves) and there's nice fat Trout in the area that we're targeting. The Vudu Mullet steps up to still catch'em, no matter who you are.

Back to today's windy and cold fishing report; We ended up fishing a area I haven't frequented in a long while. As we were there ole memories started to surface and so did the stories of "days gone by"
when of course the local fishing seemed a whole lot better. Back then it was MirrOlure 52MR twitch baits, maybe a DOA shrimp, and what seemed like a bounty of Trout that could always be counted on.

So what Dennis and I did was, fish a ole school spot, and caught a real nice cooler full of Speckled Trout on the falling tide. Dennis dabbled in both the Vudu Mullet and the DOA shrimp, back and forth, while I stayed dead nuts on the Vudu Mullet, all day long. Both Lures caught them, with the Vudu Mullet holding the slight edge, and ease of fishing in the 15-20 knot cold NW winds. 

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Dennis Mills said...

Another great day aboard the Jettywolf Dave! I saw a lot of the St. Johns I had not previously seen and yes, I was taking mental notes, not so much about specific spots but more the way the river "sets up" for lack of a better term. I have learned a bunch of different techniques to employ for given situations (not spots) and look forward to developing my trout fishing skills even more. If any of you followers wants to learn more about catching trout or just wants to have a fun day on the water, you really need to give Dave a call.

Dennis (AKA "the bass guy turned trout guy")