Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3/22 - Coastal jigging, Micro Jigs, Jacksonville Fishing



Wayne Lanier said...

Capt Dave, Since I just don't get to fish as often as I should, I am just venturing into the micro jigging. You have me totally intrigued with this type of fishing. My friend is getting me to the jetties on Thursday. Am I casting towards rocks and jigging back towards the boat? Dropping straight off the side to the bottom and jigging there? Casting up current, letting it fall then start jigging? Sorry, I'm just a novice, but really want to learn. Also, looks like tide will be high mid to late morning. is there a tide preference on this? Appreciate any guidance you can give me? Watch every video, really appreciate all I have learned! Thanks much, Wayne

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

whewwww...without you being on my boat, and me showing you. This is hard to answer. I probably NEVER cast at the rocks up current and do anything. That's just kissing tackle good bye. I time the tides and know when the currents the best. I always drop over the side and use nothing but baitcasting reels so I can just push the button and let line drop "controlled"...can't do that with spinners. I go for vertical, or cross current as much as possible. Never fighting the current, but letting it help me display the jig dancing just off the bottom. Here in bazzaro world Florida, everything is a huge learning curve Using the high tide slack'ish water to get the best presentation at the jetties. I mostly fish the jigs at the base of the rocks, having enough jigs to match the weight of the current and the depth. Good luck and just have FUN doing something a bit different. Thats all I do.

Unknown said...

great stuff Dave... love your sukkou knot hack... i get it that you like micro jigs... me too. i'm from the land of kokanee and sonic minnows... i know those sonic lure guys in washington are slow on the uptake... but you'll get over it. you need to design your OWN damn JIG! and makem' small for us trout fishermen in the pacific north west... i've got pictures of my jigs with dressed assist hooks.



Capt. Dave Sipler said...

I have my own jigs now and they are small...20 grams. And I don't need no Sonic Baitfish. Mine has three attachment points too and I can rig it anyway I want! Problem is I have never caught a fish yet with it or the sonic bait fish, using the middle eye that makes it a vibrate lure. I'm way more concerned about ME catching fish on my micro jigs that anything else. I have been really busy, so I haven't yet shown "my micro jigs" yet.