Friday, March 4, 2016

3/4 - Surely not yesterday...

It was cold, overcast, and windy. Hmmm, sure wasn't like yesterday!!!!!!!!
I so wanted to actually have a day when the tides weren't wacky, the sun was shining, and the wind wasn't howling. I can live with cold, if my customers can.

But NOOOOOOO. We get a crappy day with zero sun, blowing hard out of the North and quite cold. I go into the ICW and head for my spot. I can tell already with 3 hours till dead low, the tide isn't even moving that well.

The Trout don't bite. Well, we did have one 16 incher and a 12 incher Yahooo! Nothing on the Vudu Mullets, nothing on the Sonic Baitfish, and bluefish eating every shrimp on the float rig!

We sat and feed the fish. I had guests from Thailand and the Prop designer "Phil" from Turningpoint Propellers aboard the Jettywolf. The folks from Thailand weren't pro fisherman, so we stuck with the float-rigs and hoped for some action as I moved around more.

The main man's wife caught the largest Bluefish, so she was very happy.

What a trooper she was out in a skirt in that cold wind.  They at least went home with two bluefish, a large Float-rig caught Whiting, and a 16 inch Speckled Trout after our half day of fishing inshore.

I am so aching for a decent day. Seems like it's been weeks since  I've got into a good bite of decent fish. Something is always keeping me from getting there. Well, thats what happens when I don't pick the days. I just have to work with what I'm given.

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