Friday, April 8, 2016

4/8 - West winds can wreak havoc

Thank goodness I didn't fish today. The west winds were ultimately heinous!  But you couldn't tell all the Hoo-Yaws that. The boat ramp was packed at 4pm today. Boats smashing into the docks, Boats going on trailers sideways.

A falling tide, and a gale force west wind blows all the water, straight out of the river.

Here's proof. I'm seeing land I haven't seen in years.

Thank goodness all I was doing was a Burial at Sea trip with 6 people. So all I had to do was go to the Ocean and back.

It was fun watching all the mayhem at the ramp though while waiting on my people.


Unfortunately, my phone rang and rang this morning with a lot of clueless people. Thinking I depart at 11am, or even 2 pm.  They have no idea what the weather is and obviously don't care.

The river was a huge MUD looking pit, this afternoon!

But, then I get the serious late birds, calling ad wanting to book Saturday at 7pm.  That does nothing but agitate me, and from here on out. (Add $100 for booking day before and very late.)

So, NW on Saturday 15 knots, and EAST!!!!! on Sunday.  Guess we won't be anywhere near the jetties on Sunday's charter.


Mitch Taylor said...

Have you done many burials at sea?

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

at least 50 in 20 years. Have ashes to scatter????