Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Started out simply bottom fishing that last of the falling tide. Live fresh shrimp on the bottom and got away with jus' 4 oz. sinkers....WOW!

Whiting at first than Kaye hooked a beast!

after the tide started to change, we tried to get some of those bigger Yellowmouth Trout and Virginia Croakers I've caught on the southside of the south jetty.  NO ONE DARED to go over there in their little bay boats. This was JETTYWOLF COUNTRY ONLY!

It was a washing machine. But we gave it a try and didn't get what we came for. so we worked our way into the ICW, and tried float-rig fishing for Trout.  Again, people who I have taken on charters were literally racing me there, and jumped right into the "spot".  Well, those people can have it....I'm hanging up the float-rigs for the remainer of the year. It was to warm, too dull, and too much current (as always) and nothing but shit fish bites.

Back to the jetties for REAL EXCITMENT!

-Yellowmouth Trout- Jacks- action

-a actual keeper sized Redbass, WOW!

-a 31 incher. As usual.

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