Friday, June 17, 2016


Every summer while usually doing my 2 hour kids trips, we'll be anchored up at the jetties and will be fishin pieces of dead shrimp on the bottom. The little kids along with Mom and Dad are having fun, and we'll be catching:

-Sand Trout

and as of today, numerous BLUE RUNNERS!!!!

Why doesn't anyone anchor up, bait up a with pieces of dead shrimp, and catch SUPER KINGFISH BAITS RIGHT THERE AT THE JETTIES?

As I released a half dozen 12-14" lively Blue runners, all I could think about is fishing them, from outside the Jax beach pier to the S.E. Hole area. And the possibilities of having them revenged by a smoker sized Kingfish.

I do this all the time....but we stop in and catch live shark baits, for behind the shrimp boats. Live little Jacks, Croakers, Whiting, and even the Blue runners are killer baits for the Shrimp boat sharks, so why not for Kingfish??????

When I do a longer trip, with the adults. I'm going to do this. But, instead of shark baits. These small
baits will get drifted off the beach, looking for that big KINGFISH.