Tuesday, June 21, 2016


No longer available on Ebay.

I stopped the listing, because I'm getting low on these swivels.

Plus, I was selling them at a cost that ends up almost costing me.
Yeah, I wanted to offer them. But with free shipping at .70 to ship, plus ebay and paypal fees, I'd have to ask $20 for 50 instead of $10 for 50.

Which if you want some, that's what you'll have to pay, now.

I may re-order some more. Or I may not.

It's really tough for the "little guy" to make a buck or two on Ebay any longer. But that Global audience is what it takes if you actually want to do any business.

If you want a few, I maybe able to help you. But as of now, the sale of the open eye swivels is off the market.

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