Monday, June 27, 2016

6/26 - Summer, "jack of all trades" fishing...

Let's see....

I've had a run of a week or more of trips and I've chased the shrimp boats shark fishing. Trolled Cigar Minnows on the beach because the Pogies were a pain in the ass to catch. Bottom fished the wrong tide for Bull Redfish, bottom fished the Jetties with a few super newbies, and it was dead, because all we had was shrimp. Used Live and cut Croakers for bottom bait, without a sniff.

So today with dark clouds, thunder and lightning, and driving rain. I stoked up the "Intensive Care Unit" to full max.(recycling pump), and filled the baitwell with ten dozen live shrimp and took 3 guys "Jig-N-Shrimp" fishing inshore. I even went up in a creek and ran aground on a sand bar!  Spent hours hiding under two different bridges in the rain, and it wasn't "brutally hot", because we were wet 70% of the day.....

Actually had pretty consistent action. They asked the night before, "what are we targeting??" twice in two different phone calls.  I repeated, "we're targeting action!"

"HIDING" EZ tying off wherever, when your boat is HD plate alloy. No fear of crushing that fancy gel-coat!


Luke busted several Trout t0 17", under the bridge in the high winds and driving rain!
"I liked this spot!"

The 3 guys caught loads of these, but sacrificed a whole lot of shrimp to do so.

Along with lots of Mangrove Snappers, they had  Speckled Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish, a couple Flounder, and Croakers.

No big Bubba fish. But at 1:30 the 10 dozen shrimp were gone. So we headed back to clean the fish.

I used my 40qt. Yeti Hopper soft sided cooler for a fish bag. It really worked out!  All the fish were extremely cold. I kept a "slush" in the bag, which chilled the fish a lot better than laying on ice in a hard cooler. Plus, the cooler bag takes up much less room on the boat. Stowing under my leaning post, very neatly.  I learned that if you add a handful of "rock salt", You can just about freeze the fish if you want.


VIDEO - REVIEW - INFO - COMPARISON - COMING SOON about the Yeti 40 qt. Hopper soft sided coolers.

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