Wednesday, June 29, 2016

6/29 - Going Cowboy'n

Had Mike D. and crew aboard today. His young boy, and his two neighbors. Mike said, "let''s go Sharkin'".  So that's what we did. Good and early. 6:30am.

Right off the git-go, they certainly didn't want my baits on my usual Big Balsa Floats, that I use to keep the baits from sinking into the Shrimp boat nets as we run and gun behind the shrimp boats out side the inlet.

So we nixed the floats and just let the 1/2 pieces of boston mackerel sink. And that was the ticket!

Mike was up.....

The big Blacktip Shark gave us a show as it jumped and splashed behind the boat as it "SMOKED" the 60# mono off the reel.

The Shark fought unusually hard and I could tell (from experience) that something was up.
Mike strained and strained to get the Shark to the boat, and as soon as it popped up, "Yep, this was a strange one!"

The Shark got lasso'ed! (is that a word?)
My 400# mono leader was wrapped around the base of the Sharks head, and my 10/0 VMC hook had the leader around it, creating a perfect Lasso.

I gotta give it to this Blacktip. It was a champion of a fighter as it pulled and Mike pulled and was about to pinch it's head off!

Yep, this is why I over gun it when doing this fishing. I used to use smaller hooks, and 200# mono leaders. But we also lost a lot of Sharks, too.

Because of the crazy things that "just" happen!

I went to release the Shark from the grips of it's Lasso, and I knew it might not be good. As I grabbed it and snatched the hook off the mono leader, the hook swung around and foul hooked the Shark again! But, obviously not all that deep as it pulled loose after a few seconds.

That's why I tell everyone, "Until the hook is free and in my hands, stay in the fish fighting position, ready for mayhem! Just incase." 

Out of the three Sharks we caught, only one was actually in the jaw.

Here's what I came home to Mike. (Mike is a Bird Vet)

Some kind of Hawk in my Tree in the front yard, staring down Lizards.

Then, it swoops down and lands right at my front door, to take a closer look at Lizard Land. And says hello to my concrete Pelican statue

Then later, my front yard gets visited (at the bird bath) by a group of Crows, which kept walking over and looking up under my covered "Boat-port", to admire the Jettywolf, ready for tomorrows, Kids Trip.

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