Friday, June 3, 2016

6/3 - what's happening....

B-I-G S-H-A-R-K-S!
behind the shrimp long as you get on them early.

Then, before the S.E. "sea breeze" starts honkin'.

Get up on a spot in the river and hook -up BULL REDS.

But ya better take bait with ya. Because Pogies aren't a given if you show up late.

So since I've done a few late morning trips, because I had 2 hour KIDS TRIPS in the morning. And couldn't get a Pogie to save my skin. I take bags of Boston Macs. And the Redfish seem to like it.
Oily and Nasty, like a Pogie. It works.

Lost this 30 pound Red, because it ran under the boat and cut the 20# braided line like a knife!!!

THIS DUDE was a beast....had to be 7' long!!
(way behind a shrimp boat)  We had a "double" on but lost one of them, Thank Goodness!

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