Monday, July 4, 2016

7/3 - In the river.....

Jig-N-Shrimp combo meals....Started out past the Dames Point bridge as the NEW MOON tided flooded in the river.


the water down there had us fishing all the usual spots as the wind blew like hell from the SW.
without a single bite on a shrimp.  Welcome to bazzaro world!!!

Two guys, "spinner tackle" casting and casting.

And as my Dad always says; "If Dave isn't catching, how the heck am I supposed too?"

Yep, and I wasn't getting a single bite either. Fishing a 1/4 ounce jig and a Matrix Shad, soft plastic.
OH how I'd love to have the guys from Matrix Shad over here in the summer and show them how well they work around here. Of course when they fish (their product) it's in the clean clear waters of the Gulf and or Bayou's off Lake Pontchartrain Louisiana, waylaying Redfish like stacking cord wood in the cooler.


Tried a few spots without as much as a Jack or Ladyfish. The "here's your sign fish".  Gotta at least catch them, and when you do. You're in the "correct water".

So off we went back eastward, towards the 100% Atlantic Ocean water. By now the tide started to fall and we were off to the races on plenty of Jacks and Ladyfish....AND MANGROVE SNAPPERS!

Largest at 8 pounds really pulled on the light spinner gear.

Largest Mangrove 14" (largest of the summer so far) off submerged rocks.

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