Sunday, July 31, 2016

7/31 - JULY IS OVER!!!!!!!!!

But, just because July is over. Doesn't mean the heat is. Although we are a month closer to NOVEMBER, my favorite month of the year. (which should be my busiest, but isn't. Because it's always something.....too close to the Holidays, is what I always hear)

June and July is official, 'Kids fishing trip' months. So it was good that July goes out with a great 2 Hr. Kids Trip today.

We done lost count of the number of fish caught, and I was told the Sharks counted as 5 other fish.
Let's see... we had, Catfish, Croakers, Spot, Jack Crevalle, Pigfish, Sand Trout, and Bonnet-head Sharks.

Dead shrimp on the bottom, it was that easy. But the "tide" plays alot into the success. We had a great tide this morning at 7am.

Get a bad tide, and it may NOT be "instantaneous gratification". That's the way it is around here.

I had long, long time customer Dave C. and his grandkids. The last time I had them they were much younger. I was shocked when I saw them this morning!! How they've grown.

Here's some before pics from years ago:

now here they are (with help from Grandpa') reelin' in some pretty stout Bonnetheads in the deep water of the Jetties:

 Makes me feel pretty dang old!

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