Thursday, August 11, 2016


In today's world, if you can't find it in your state, you look elsewhere. If you can't find it in your Country, you can easily look elsewhere to outside the USA.

That's just what I did.

I saw this video on Youtube:

Then I saw this video:

Of course for simple Trout fishing I have my Yeti Hopper 40qt.  But what happens when we catch a big Black Drum, or several "keeper sized" Redbass (yeah like that happens all the time) I'll need a larger fish bag!

"But Dave, dontcha have a dang big Cooler"

"Yes, I do. And I'm not using them. I want maximum room, deck space (the reason I had my boat built, because it has more room than any similar boat around here!) and want to stow away my fish storage!

So after a discussion via Facebook with the seller of these flat bottom insulated fish bags, I ordered on off his website. 

39.3701 inches Long x 15.748 inches Tall x 15.748 inch Bottom Base

The Blue Bottle Fishing website is set up to display US dollars, and you can easily use PayPal.

Why did I purchase one of these particular bags?  The right size, sits flat, has a good drain plug, and stows easily.

Sooo.....when I get it, there's sure to be a Video coming. It has to come all the way from Australia. But that shouldn't take that long.

Even with shipping, the Mini sized fish bag was competitively priced.


Dennis Mills said...

That's pretty cool, saves a lot of room in the boat!

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Sure will Dennis! So far so good, using nothing but the Yeti hopper 40's. So I figured why not? When not using, it will tuck away in my console storage box, for when I do need it.
C'C'mon Black Drum fishing this winter at the Jetties!!!