Monday, September 5, 2016

9/5 - Labor Day

Windy to say the least.....DUE EAST. 15-20 is what it felt like.

Had huge plans. Get a bunch of live Mullet and fish far from the "hub" of activity, by heading up river at 7am, with Redfish in mind. Not Jumbos, but any ole size.

Looked at about 3 different "mullet capture" areas, and of course because of the wind, spot number 3 adjacent where we were going to fish is the one that had plenty passing by.

-anyone else would have FREAKED!
While on the Mullet castnetting spot, the wind swung the boat around on anchor and the bottom of the boat, was grinding on oysters and rocks......But of course I don't care, it's not like all that is doing any damage, to my NON-FANCY Gelcoated boat ( Laughing while thinking about those 90K bayboats, that aren't bay boats at all really.) But we eventually got out of there. Then, to find out before I could catch my first perfect finger Mullet, my live well pump...... wasn't working.

-the "double fix".
Some how while I was researching & repairing a side console Nav. light and checking the switch panel. I must have had a wire pull off. Now the pump switch won't work. Pretty much needed to keep a live well full of Mullet. A simple fix when I got home took care of all that. Hence, the "double fix".

-What always catches?
So we just fished cut dead Pogies, and the ole stand by of all time. FRESH Jumbo dead shrimp.
(DON'T LEAVE HOME WITH OUT IT!)  I even tried GULP.  We caught Ladyfish, Croakers, Mangrove Snapper, and a 28" Redfish. ON DEAD SHRIMP.   

If anyone ever asked me, "Dave what's your favorite bait?" I certainly wouldn't answer; "A red bellied slash and splash diver with copper spinners." Like some Bass fisherman, or even like some  local Redfish tournament dude, would probably answer.

My answer would simply be; Fresh Jumbo dead shrimp and live shrimp. Dead for bottom fishing. Live, for Float-rig fishing and jig-n-shrimp casting. IT CATCHES IT ALL, when others baits fail!!

The cut frozen Pogies we used, were getting devoured instantly off the hook by bait thieves. The Gulp got bites but not many takers. But the shrimp caught 99% of the fish today....and of course the only Redfish!! 

The rising tide up river never really gained much strength, which I needed for super success on the spot we fished, plus we really needed those "live" Mullet too.

So we slowly rode back to the "Hub"....and upon arrival we saw 9 boats all on one spot. It's so funny, how boats attract boats, fish don't.

That wasn't for me, so we tried the other side of the river, where we had Catfish, Croakers, and yep, even the "green scourge fish" aka: Bluefish, eat our dead cut Pogies.  As we tried for a big Bull Redbass on the flooding tide, fishing about 30 feet on the channel edge.

No big bite ever materialized, we had enough fun for one Labor day. So we headed home.

And as usual, that big STORM (laugh) from just this past Friday didn't do anything to the river, as I hoped it would.

We didn't get enough rain!!

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