Sunday, October 16, 2016

10/15 - Trees, mega high tide, and a giant Stone Crab

Here's Saturday at the boat full high tide:
(get out your boots. I did)

Damn near impossible to catch a quality "bottom" fish with all this water.
(wish I went float-rig fishing instead)

First.....(not what we were looking for) huge Stone Crab!

Tree's were floating down the river as well as huge mats of marsh grass that floated by.

My iPhone 5 sure takes some crappy photos! I think my GoPro Hero 2 could do better.

From here on out, I'll be "float-rig fishing", or casting jigs and shrimp. So I hope everyone can cast a spinner reel and rod.

Tired of bottom fishing, and having to anchor in the 50' of water in the channel. I have 2 trips left that this is what they want to do. As soon as they are over, I'll be swinging straight into my usual "fall / winter" mode.  Be it in the river or the inlet.

Hurricane Matthew made this a very uncommon October already.

So, someone like myself has to learn to work with the uncommon conditions, while easing into what provides action, and targeted species......versus;  stone crabs, skates, catfish, marsh grass, and sticks!  

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